Connie Bickman, The Be Group, Jan. 2

Connie Bickman, THE TOUCHSTONE DIARY Wednesday Jan. 2, 2013, 6:45 PM to 9:00PM Were Mary Magdalene and Jesus married?  Did Jesus really die on the cross or live to a ripe old age, fulfilling his life as a teacher, healer and prophet? Connie Bickman spent eight years researching the Touchstone Diary trilogy. Written as fiction, […]

Craig Hartel – Shamanic Healing (using Andean techniques)

Craig Hartel can be scheduled for private sessions through Wind over Fire. Craig’s  healing sessions are based on the Peruvian Native American techniques.  The sessions are $110.00 for a  2-hour session. What these sessions are about: The soul journeys with us from one physical lifetime to the next. It carries within it the information for […]

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