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  • Mary Laven Rosen Method Bodywork
    Mary Laven is a Rosen Method bodywork practitioner. In this radio show we discuss the Rosen Method and some of the critical psycho-somatic benefits of receiving this work and the recount of some personal experiences with the work.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
  • Interview with Tao Huang
    Mary interviews Master Tao Huang from Dingxi, China, former Taoist monk, creator of Xin Le Qu bodywork, master of the I Ching, and author of 4 books on Taoist teachings, practices and experience. Tao explains why we need to heal ancestral contracts and how he does this through his body work. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
  • The Eagle Condor Ceremony Redux
    This radio show is a follow up to the Eagle Condor Prophecy Awakening event held in St. Paul on December 5th, 2014 where more than 250 attendees and participants had received information on the fulfillment of the prophecy.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
  • Interview with Hal Bahr
    Hal Bahr, an expert in Human Design and Astrology, discusses with Mary his integration of both disciplines and how he uses them to help people. Hal also discusses current astrological ocurances and their effect on our lives. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
  • Interview with Victoria Taylor
    Mary interviews Victoria Taylor, a practitioner of Matrix Energenics and the only apprentice to Cedric Red Feather, Mandan Turtle Priest. Victoria recounts the journey that led her to Matrix Energetics. She also provides some background on how Matrix Energetics works and how she applies it to change peoples lives. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
  • Interview with Lini Wilkens
    Mary discusses the Native American pipe ceremony with Lini Wilkens and the spiritual significance of it in her upbringing in the Dineh of the Southwest.  Lini also touches on the her childhood experiences with her family and the Peyote ceremony. They also reminesce on the influence of the late George Whitewolf, Sioux Medicine Man. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
  • Mary Laven discusses her psychic gift.
    Mary discusses her discovery of her intuitive gifts as a child and her development of them over the years. She also answers call from the live audience. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
  • Listen to Mary Laven tell her story.
    Mary talks about what led her on her path to practicing Rosen bodywork and Xin Le Qu body work with Tao Huang.  CLICK HER TO LISTEN
  • Interview with Jorge Luis Delgado
    Mary interviews Jorge Luis Delgado, Inca Shaman, spiritual tour guide, author of Andean Awakening and teacher at the Omega Institute on removing the heavy energies that weigh us down with light, love and ceremonial plants.
  • Interview with Nancy Andersen
    As unique as every person is, their personal story is written on their hands. Palmistry can analyze a person’s character, personality and destiny. This interview with Nancy highlights the history of the maligned practice of palmistry, how your health can affect the lines on the hand and how Nancy was drawn to it.  Through her enthusiasm for palmistry, Nancy hopes to help as many people as possible to understand their truth and what lies within them through their hands using palmistry. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
  • Interview With Swami Ken
    Swami Ken is a Minnesota native that was given the honorary title of Swami by his guru Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj after completing “tapas”. He is devoted to practicing and evangelizing the benefits of dyana meditation. He has a ashram in Faribault, Minnesota. For more information on Swami Ken . CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
  • Interview with Gabriel Azoulay on Yoga, Touch And Spirituality
    Gabriel Azoulay is a world renowned therapist, teacher and developer seeking to shatter perception, while empowering individuals with choices and information that they can use for the rest of their lives. His teachings are full of humor, simplicity and insight, connecting the ancient with the modern, the esoteric with the rational. As an international writer on yoga and Thai Massage, his articles have appeared in Sports Illustrated for Women, YOGA UK, Fit Yoga and more.  Gabriel is a published author, instructor, yoga consultant and Thai Massage therapist. He is a graduate of the acclaimed Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC. He is originally from Israel and now resides in Finland. Learn More about Gabriel.   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
  • Interview with Karl Schlotterbeck  on Regression Therapy
    Karl Schlotterbeck, MA, CAS, LP is a licensed psychologist who has spent more than five decades in explorations of the human psyche that have included the depth psychology of C.G. Jung, parapsychology, biofeedback, hypnosis, along with teachings from Shamans (core, Celtic and Mongolian), Sufis, Swamis, Celtic Spirituality, Rosicrucians and Native American spiritual teachers. He is the author of Living Your Past Lives: The Psychologist of Past-Life Regression, (1987 & 2003), The Karma In Your Relationships (2003), and co-author of Lion of Satan, Lion of God (1993). His next book – The End of Karma – is nearing completion. Meanwhile, he has provided psychological services in school systems in MD and MN for the last 40 years.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
  • Interview with Troy Parkinson on Edge Wisdom Radio.
    Troy Parkinson first began his study of the afterlife over 13 years ago. During his early years of development Troy studied at the First Spiritual Temple in Boston, MA. During his time in Boston, Troy participated in numerous public demonstrations of mediumship, he organized the first Boston Mediums Conference, an afternoon gathering of mediums from the greater Boston area and he also produced a short documentary on mediumship called Contacting the Beyond as his senior thesis film. In 2000, he returned to Fargo and began offering development circles, workshops and readings throughout the upper mid-west. In 2009, he and his family moved to St. Paul, MN and his first book “Bridge to the Afterlife: A Medium’s Message of Hope and Healing” was released through Llewellyn Publishing. He resides in St. Paul, MN with this wife and three children. To learn more about Troy visit CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
  • Hear Catheryn Taylor of Edge Talk interview Mary Laven about Wind Over Fire Healing Arts Center.–interview-with-master-tao-huang

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