Craig Hartel – Shamanic Healing (using Andean techniques)

Craig Hartel can be scheduled for private sessions through Wind over Fire.
Craig’s  healing sessions are based on the Peruvian Native American techniques.  The sessions are $110.00 for a  2-hour session.

What these sessions are about:

The soul journeys with us from one physical lifetime to the next. It carries within it the information for emotional and physical wellness, and also memories of past lives.  When we experience trauma, abuse or stress of various kinds, a portion of the soul may depart from our body, or reality. The result may manifest as physical and/or emotional side effects.

Soul loss is a subconscious survival reflex.  The loss occurs when the soul perceives a threat and leaves to protect itself from the traumatic experience.  When this occurs we are no longer whole. We are unable to feel our true selves.

When we are working on trauma, whether it is from this life or a past life, we’re working at that soul level, bringing the missing part(s) of the soul back into your being while eliminating the effect of the trauma and abuse. During a session a client may access information about themselves that was previously inaccessible. In this way you may be able to experience and live your true whole self!

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