Ghost Dance – A Healing Event for All, 6/24/17


June 24, Chandler, Minnesota Native American Ceremony and International Event Begins at 5AM on June 24 and goes until… A NEW BEGINNING We have reached critical timing with all of the environmental concerns that affect our planet: the effect of global warming, the lack of water, the pollution of our water resources, our food, which affects […]

Psychic Readings & Intuitive Counseling


Mary Laven Intuitive Counselor, Medium, Psychic and Medical Intuitive As an intuitive counselor, medium, psychic and medical intuitive, her readings are compassionate, direct and to-the-point. She provides clarity to your difficult situations which can provide peace or create personal action to create change.  Mary’s readings are solution-oriented. She reveals obstacles and patterns that are holding […]

Rosen Method Body Work


Experience the gentle touch and relaxation of Rosen Method Bodywork. This work is for anyone interested in becoming aware of old patterns imprinted by the experiences you have had that have UNCONSCIOUSLY shaped your life Mary C. Laven is a Rosen Method Bodywork practitioner trained at the Rosen Centre in Vancouver, BC, Canada and certified […]