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Were Mary Magdalene and Jesus married?  Did Jesus really die on the cross or live to a ripe old age, fulfilling his life as a teacher, healer and prophet? Connie Bickman spent eight years researching the Touchstone Diary trilogy. Written as fiction, based on historical facts and events, these books are bound to be controversial. The Jesus/Magdalene bloodline is intertwined with alternative healing, rituals, magic and powerful relationships that share the spiritual journey of their ancestors through ancient diary pages and “journeying” into history through a mysterious cedar box.

“The Touchstone Diary is well researched with detailed and pleasantly shocking revelations of an alternative Jesus/Mary Magdalene story. Bickman brings us through life, death and the afterlife. . .a fresh view of the original foundation of spirituality.”
— Kathryn Harwig – author, intuitive


Mystery unfolds as Miyah Sinclair shares secrets hidden in the pages of an ancient diary, protected throughout the ages by a generation of healers. Written by women of the bloodline of Mary Magdalene, the diary shares emotional, personal stories as these women lived through some of the most important events in ancient history. Their diary entries offer an alternative story seen from the feminine perspective.

Bloodline secrets are also exposed as Michael Wilder travels back in time through a portal of a mysterious cedar box, to discover pieces of history that challenge his own beliefs about the life – and death – of Jesus.

Rich in mystery, intrigue and possibilities, the characters weave through a web of international travel to India, France and Scotland, as answers are sought and controversial truths are discovered.


Intrigue, treasure seeking adventures and shocking family revelations come to light as Michael Wilder prepares to fulfill a mysterious promise he made on his deathbed. . .

In “The Touchstone Diary – Book Two – Bloodlines and Promises,” Miyah Sinclair shares revealing stories from her family’s diary with her daughter, Morgan. As Morgan is being prepared to be the next Touchstone carrier, they travel back in time to meet Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Grandmother Anna, and other ancestral women of their bloodline. Adventures continue as the Wilder family travels to Scotland and the Isle of Iona, searching for a cherished family treasure, a cedar box carved 2,000 years ago by a generation of the bloodline, Jesus, himself. Along the way they discover more family secrets that will profoundly affect the outcome of their own lives.

Abundant in history and adventure, “Bloodlines and Promises” is bound to leave you yearning for more. . .

About Connie Bickman

Connie Bickman says writing and photography are in her blood, referring to 15 years of owning a portrait studio, and a 30-plus-year newspaper and photojournalism career. This includes an eleven year period where she was the co-owner/publisher/editor of Turtle River Press, a publication of spiritual and creative energy.

Connie’s passion for travel has brought her to over 40 countries, mostly third world. She packed along her journals and camera as these photojournalist-based travels brought her to far corners of the earth in search of adventure and the opportunity to document native cultures, the environment and humanitarian issues.  During this time she came in contact with many spiritual and religious concepts, including shamanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and other belief systems.

It was through these journeys that she realized misconceptions she had about the foundation of organized religion and how oftentimes people in other countries and cultures had much different perspectives on, not only Christianity and conflicting biblical translations, but also on the original concept of the Christ story itself.  This began years of research and scrutiny to satisfy her own uncertainties. These discoveries resulted in disclosing her findings by weaving them into novels, “The Touchstone Diary – Book I, The Red Thread,” and “The Touchstone Diary – Book II, Bloodlines and Promises.” The books were released in 2012 and are fiction, based on historical events. “The Touchstone Diary – Book III, The Legacy,” due to be released in 2013, completes the trilogy.

Connie has been published internationally in books and magazines, and has won regional and international awards for her photography and writing. Her previous “Tribe of Women” book received the 1999 Jeanette Fair Tau State Minnesota Women’s Writer Award. She currently lives in rural Cannon Falls, MN.

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