Hal Bahr, Speaking on Astrology & Workshops, Mar. 17-18 & Mar. 24-25

About Hal Bahr

Hal Bahr, C.A.P. , is a full-time consulting astrologer and human design practitioner, teacher, writer, and playful agent of transformational change. Along with astrology he spent over 30 years in the creative arts as writer/director/actor/dancer/choreographer/teacher with various groups while living off grid growing organic produce and maintaining livestock on a 70 acre Northern California homestead. Hal’s basic philosophy of teaching is that the best teachers learn as much from their students as they teach them. He is currently writing a book about Human Design from the Astrologer’s perspective.

Hal’s guiding philosophy can be summed up in one simple statement; “When we stop trying to be what we are not and instead fully recognize and embrace what we are we become magnets for success, happiness, and the serendipity of being the right person in the right place at the right time.”
Website: www.SoulJourneyDesign.com


A talk on the big astrological event on the following day March 20th Spring Equinox Eclipse
Thursday, 19th – 6:00 – 9:00

Turning away from falsehood and the journey towards authenticity
The four aspects that will be occurring on or very near March 20, 2015:
1.    The final Uranus/Pluto Square (the final of 7)
2.    The Spring Equinox
3.    The solar eclipse
4.    The new moon

Hal Bahr will present a discussion about the last of 7 exact squares of Pluto and Uranus representing radical change as well as the spring equinox solar eclipse echoing the theme of powerful new beginnings and our personal challenge to clearing space to make way for the new in the year ahead. Hal will explore the solar eclipse theme of turning away from falsehood and the journey toward authenticity.  “All of these spring astrological aspects point strongly toward recognizing where we are out of alignment with our truth, the choice to let go or experience pain, and the opportunity to inhabit our authentic self and embrace it in others. This includes the areas of our society as a whole, our financial and government institutions and all areas of our personal lives.”  Hal will incorporate the astrological chart of our Rochester community and your personal chart (providing you give your birth information in advance call Mary with: your name, birthdate and time information).
Also, If you did not receive your reading on a CD from Hal when he was here last, please let me know as they are all available now!

Soul mates, housemates or mortal enemies: Deciphering relationships through Astrology and Human Design.
Saturday, March 21, 12 Noon – 5PM

This promises to be a fun informative class providing insights into what makes your relationship click … and clack!
More into to come.

Your birth chart: Deciphering your astrological blueprint, reading your road map, checking the weather report.
March 17 & 18, March 24 & 25 – 6:30-9:30 PM (each night)
  • 1st night, Tues. March 176:30-9:30 PM –  Signs and Houses.  Explore the 12 astrological archetype styles and the 12 areas of life they can inhabit.
  • 2nd night, WedMarch 186:30-9:30 PM – Planets-the Tools and Forces.  Energy, attraction, cognition, communication, desire, action, emotion, change.  From the personal to the social and out to the trans-personal forces that motivate and shape.
  • 3rd night, Tues. March 24 6:30-9:30 PM – Aspects and Transits. Our interior ruling council; it’s relationships, assets, challenges,  and cycles of growth over time.
  • 4th night, Wed. March 25 6:30-9:30 PM – Integration. Closing the circle, understanding your purpose. A free ranging look at your personal chart, consolidating what you have learned, recognizing your homework.

Each night stands on its own but also builds on what was presented previously.

$35 each-preregistered only by March 17th
$40 at the door
$100 for all four preregistered (save $60!)
$125 all four classes after January 27th.


Schedule a Private Session with  Hal
for a Human Design/ Astrological Reading.



Hal is a master at what he does – reading and interpreting charts in ways that give you new perspectives of your life, situations, behaviors and choices. He does it with wisdom, sensitivity and humor. I have had my chart done before but never explained to me as well as Hal did. One thing that makes him so good at what he does is that he is obviously passionate about Astrology. It shows in the depth of his knowledge and expanse of information he covers. Hals classes are packed with information and laughter. If you have any interest in or curiosity about Astrology, I highly recommend these classes.
– gail

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