Hal Bahr – Human Design and Astrology private sessions, March 14 – 30.

Private sessions with Hal Bahr, March 14 – 30 .
Call Mary at 507-281-6649 to schedule a sessions
Private Sessions in Edina: Dates to come

(Must pay in advance of these dates to Mary at Wind over Fire Healing Arts Center)
$200.00 per hour

As Hal says on his website, “Human Design is a means to see our energy flow revealed. It is a synthesis system channeled through in the 1980’s.  It fuses Astrology, the branches of the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah,  the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching, and Chakra energy centers to create the Bodygraph image that is a snapshot of our DNA and energetic signature.” Hal will be doing readings combining Astrology and the remarkable system of Human Design. His deeply probing readings combine his insight along with your own self discovery.

About the Readings

Hal’s offers a combination of Astrological and Human Design knowledge.  Both systems offer depth and detail into our unique individuality.  It is in the integration and synthesis of these systems that new insight and awareness is gained. Hal will offer these services (alone and in any combination):


  1. An exploration of your birth chart and soul intent.
  2. The current astrological “weather”(transits and progressions), how that relates to your chart, and how that may reflect in your current experiences and future trends.
  3.  Solar Return reading (A look at the year you are in or about to go into from birthday to birthday).
  4. Relationship/Synastry reading. How two charts interact and come together. both people must be present or give permission. 90 min
  5. Electional/Hororary reading. Picking auspicious dates for new projects and important events.
  6. An exploration of your child’s chart and strategies for assisting them achieve success.

Human Design:

  1. An exploration of your basic Human Design chart,  centers, channels, and gates.
  2. Relationship/Family readings.  How two(or more) charts interact and connect. both people must be present or give permission.
  3. Solar Return reading (A look at the year you are in or about to go into from birthday to birthday, must have an understanding of your basic Human Design first).
  4. An exploration of your child’s chart and strategies for assisting them achieve success

Combo Reading

  • A combined look at your Human Design and Astrological charts with an eye toward common themes and how they work together

The sessions are $200 per session.  Most readings take roughly 60 minutes.

Hals’s aim is for you to find insight and clarity and he is willing to take the time needed to do that.  Hal does not do “canned” readings.  Each one is unique and uniquely tailored to you. He records both sides of the conversation during our session and then delivers it to you in one of a variety of ways of your choosing.  You can choose to download an MP3 almost immediately after or receive a CD in the mail.

About Hal Bahr

Hal Bahr, C.A.P. , is a full-time consulting astrologer and human design practitioner, teacher, writer, and playful agent of transformational change. Along with astrology he spent over 30 years in the creative arts as writer/director/actor/dancer/choreographer/teacher with various groups while living off grid growing organic produce and maintaining livestock on a 70 acre Northern California homestead. Hal’s basic philosophy of teaching is that the best teachers learn as much from their students as they teach them. He is currently writing a book about Human Design from the Astrologer’s perspective.

Hal’s guiding philosophy can be summed up in one simple statement; “When we stop trying to be what we are not and instead fully recognize and embrace what we are we become magnets for success, happiness, and the serendipity of being the right person in the right place at the right time.”

Website: www.SoulJourneyDesign.com

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Email – mclaven@charter.net

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