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Mary Laven
Intuitive Counselor, Medium, Psychic and Medical Intuitive

As an intuitive counselor, medium, psychic and medical intuitive, her readings are compassionate, direct and to-the-point. She provides clarity to your difficult situations which can provide peace or create personal action to create change.  Mary’s readings are solution-oriented.

She reveals obstacles and patterns that are holding you back from your fullest expression of self, and, when needed provides possible solutions for you to begin your journey to a more balanced and healthy life.

With a better understanding of ourselves and circumstances that have shaped our lives, we are better equipped to make adjustments in our life, shift patterns that are no longer serving and move forward beyond the confusion to a better life.

About Mary Laven: Mary experienced a childhood trauma where she learned very quickly that only the power of love can get you through a terrifying experience. She recalls always being psychic and frequently had knowledge of information beyond her years.  She recalls that she didn’t know that she was different from everyone until her very early teens. As a young adult, she came into contact with amazing teachers that helped her to develop and become comfortable with her gift.  She now knows it to be from the Divine, called claircognizance.
Mary is Director and Founder of Wind over Fire Healing Arts Center ( where there are held healing events, private sessions from diverse modalities, workshops, travel and more – all to assist in the transformation of the self.

The tool she uses is simply your full name.
(a name is truth)

She is available for private sessions, phone and SKYPE consults, parties and commercial events

Rates are:
$50.00 for 30 minutes ,
$95.00 per hour

Call 507-281-6649
Email –

Wind Over Fire Healing Arts Center
4902 Wood Lane NW
Rochester, MN 55901

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