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This work is for anyone interested in becoming aware of old patterns imprinted by the experiences you have had that have UNCONSCIOUSLY shaped your life

Mary C. Laven is a Rosen Method Bodywork practitioner trained at the Rosen Centre in Vancouver, BC, Canada and certified in October, 2012 through the Rosen Institute located in Berkeley, California.

Mary is also a Reiki Master trained in the Dr. Usui method since 1998. She has trained in Energy Medicine (healing through the meridians) and Alpha State meditation at Mayo Clinic. She has trained in Spring Forrest Qigong with Master Lin and is currently studying with Chinese Taoist Monk Master Tao Huang and his developed “meridian dance” modality. Mary holds a B.S. degree in International Studies from American University in Washington, DC. Mary is Founder and Director of Wind over Fire Healing Arts Center in Rochester, Minnesota.

As a Rosen practitioner, I use receptive touch and verbal dialog to facilitate a client’s awareness and release of unconscious physical and emotional holding.

Rosen Method can help you:

  • Access unconscious emotions and attitudes underlying chronic tension in your body
  • Become aware of holding patterns that have unconsciously shaped your life
  • Explore new possibilities for self-expression and freedom of movement

Training was developed by Marion Rosen, PT, during the 1970s, where the Rosen Method Institute and school first started in Berkeley, California, and where Marion taught until she was 97 until her passing in 2011. Marion began developing this somatic art when she was in her 20’s in Germany and continued when she came to the U.S. She also studied physical therapy at Mayo Clinic in 1944. Today, the Rosen Method is recognized around the world.

Letting go: Releasing emotions through the Rosen Method By Debi Neville
( an article in the Radish, March 2013.)

A video of an interview with the late Marion Rosen

Rosen Method is founded upon the belief that chronic muscle tension comes from the suppression of emotions, the Rosen method seeks to release that tension through a combination of touch and dialogue. In a bodywork session, Rosen practitioners identify where on the body muscle tension is held, meet it or hold it with their hands, and stay present— allowing the client’s unconscious feelings and memories to rise up, become aware and subsequently be released. Dialogue increases awareness of what is happening—helping the client unearth and examine key experiences from his or her early life leads to a realization of how past experiences have unconsciously shaped the present. Once that emotional tension is acknowledged and released, physical tension can be alleviated as well– awakening a new sense of freedom and energy with decreased emotional and physical pain, and improved mobility and breathing.

Interview with Marion Rosen in 1983

Videos demonstrating and explaining the Rosen Method


”Through the Rosen Method experience with Mary Laven as my practitioner, I started on a wonderful journey of healing, self-awareness and transformation. I had avoided an inevitable hip replacement for many years and through the work and my personal journey, the outcome was a very successful hip replacement surgery. Before the Rosen Method, I was unaware that our body holds emotions in the muscles. Through Mary’s work, I was able to get in touch with old and repressed memories and release them. Her patience and understanding made me feel so comfortable and allowed me to open up to what I was feeling. Some things were difficult to face which is probably why they were buried so deep. I am forever grateful to her for all that she has done to help me grow both spiritually and emotionally this past year. ”
sue a

”I have had some wonderful bodywork lately that’s for sure. Your Rosen session seemed to kick off some revelations. Thank you! I forgot to tell you, that night after my Rosen session I was lucid dreaming and wow did I feel in control. It was an awesome experience. I also dreamt of the alligator which I looked up and the correct words slip my mind right now but it was significant. It related to the ability to not let emotions control me. And since Tao’s healing things have been pretty calm. As you know, I was processing for the 24 hours previous to it so I think I was wiped out! That was an amazing session and am so glad Don and Aimee were also a part. ”
terri, austin, mn

“When I learned that Rosen Method Body Work treatments focused on emotions stored in one’s muscles, I decided that I would schedule an appointment. I knew that many of my body aches were coming from repressed emotions from my childhood and early adult years.

Since I was totally unfamiliar with the Rosen treatment modality, I had no specific expectations when I arrived for my first Rosen treatment with Mary Laven. I knew that something had happened to my body during the first session – so decided to schedule a second one. Many buried emotions surfaced during the second session. After this session, I felt awkward when walking to my car. Later in the day, I realized to my amazement that my right foot (which had rotated outwards in recent years) was once again pointing forward as it should be. Now I understood why I was feeling awkward as I was using muscles in a new way.

The best part is that my right hip no longer aches at night! I credit this improvement to the Rosen sessions I had with Mary Laven. I highly recommend Rosen Body work for anyone whose body aches as a result of subconsciously repressed emotions”
shirley martin, rochester, mn

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