Gregory Antyuhin a.k.a. Dr. X-Ray, June 3

Healing Meditation with Master Gregory BE Group, June 3rd, 6:45 PM – 9 PM $10.00 Join us at the BE Group to hear this amazing healer and spiritual leader talk about his abilities and the practices around his teaching.  He will provide some random scans that evening for attendees, much like a gallery event.  We […]

Chantel Lysette, Gallery Event, June 8th

Chantel Lysette Sunday June 8th – 11AM- 2PM Gallery Event at Wind over Fire Healing Arts Center $20.00 Coming from Detroit, Chantel will be here for a brief visit and will not be available for private readings on this tour.  Registration is required for this event. Her gallery readings will be free and by lottery-only.  […]

Swami Kenanda: Meditation, Prasad , Satsang and Darshan, June 21

Swami Kenanda Meditation, Prasad , Satsang  and Darshan FREE June 21st – Saturday, 1:30-2:30 Swami Ken, a native of Minnesota and as warm-hearted a human-being can be! He will be here at Wind over Fire holding a one-hour meditation and then a satsang.  If you have not been initiated into meditation Swami Ken will do […]

Mas Sajady – Quantum Healer, Nov. 4

Mas Sajady – Quantum Healer Be Group Speaker, November 4 Mas Sajady back at Wind over Fire Meet Mas Tuesday, November 4th   6:45-9PM Mas will be telling his story, discussing his work and  and answer questions. Ask your own personal questions about spirituality, God and connections to other realms where healing and all-encompassing abundance […]

Toning Journey with David Chim, Thursday June 12th

Breathe Yoga Studios 3003 43rd St NW #108, Rochester, MN 55901 Thursday June 19th, 6 PM – 8PM Fee: $20.00 Pre-registration is required – call Wind over Fire to register. Many of us have experienced the wonders of David Chim and his amazing toning!  He is back here in Rochester for this special auspicious evening.  […]

Christine Day, on the New Dawning, May 6

Christine Day, the Pleiadian Ambassador, on ‘THE NEW DAWNING’ Be Group presentation Tuesday, May 6, 6:45 PM – 9PM Fee: $10.00 Christine Day will be speaking on what the Pleiadians call this ‘new dawning’ time. The Pleiadians say that we are the ‘new dawning’, that we are going through a physical transformation within the cells […]

Suzanne Day, Shamanic Healer – May 16-17 (& 18th?)

“We are multi-dimensional beings connected in energy. The shamanic healer does not differentiate between physical, psychological, or emotional disease, but treats the being as an integrated soul. As part of All That Is, we seek the natural balance which is health. The shamanic healer works to extract that which is intrusive or disruptive and returns […]

Kathy Chilson – Healthy Vegan Cooking Classes

Kathy Chilson – Healthy Vegan Cooking Class 3 Nights – Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners May 7, 14, & 21 Wednesdays,  6-8:30PM The fee is $45 for the three classes or $20.00 for one.   Every recipe will Vegan, made with plant-based foods – NO MEAT, DAIRY, or EGGS! You can sample everything!! Vegan, what does […]

Sujata Owens on Demystifying Homeopathy, March 4

Sujata Owens, Homeopathic Master Clinician and owner of Vital Force Consulting – on “Demystifying Homeopathy” Be Group presentation Tuesday, March 4, 6:45 PM – 9PM Fee: $10.00 About Sujata Owens B.Sc.(India), D.H.M.S.(India), R.S.Hom.(N.A), C.C.H., H.M.C. Sujata Owens is an international Homeopathic practitioner since 1982 with impeccable reputation and track record of successful cases. She was […]

Rahbi Crawford – Live music and CD, Nov. 15th

Rahbe Crawford,  in concert  Nov. 15th, 6 PM $20  per person, includes CD. $25 for couples  includes 1 CD (if you have all her CD’s call for price) Private sessions – call for an appt. Rahbe will be creating a quantum healing experience with her 10 Crystal bowls and wooden flutes! These acoustic instruments resonate […]

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