Lini Wilkins, Messages of Plants and Animals

Be Group presentation
December 3, 6:45 PM – 9PM
Fee: $10.00

Lini will offer the story of her experiences with the animal relations from all that her grandmother, a Diné (Navajo) Medicine woman, taught her and her own life experiences.

Lini is a student of all that the universe has to teach us. “We receive guidance daily from our plant and animal relatives, who desire the best for us”, says Lini.   By learning the language of their messaging, we are able to connect with our authentic selves and once we are there, we are naturally open to the wisdom and knowledge of the universe. Connecting with the animal world is a huge step in that journey.

During the evening you will explore:

  • Some symbolism of animals that come into your lives regularly.
  • What are their messages to you depending on where they show up in your home.
  • How to begin a meaningful and helpful relationship with them through communication so that you will receive the messages that they have for you.
  • What are the animals’ roles in your dreams.
  • How to begin to interpret your dreams.


About Lini Wilkins

Lini grew up on the Dine (Navajo) reservation in Arizona, an hour north of the Grand Canyon.  As a child, she followed her grandmother, a medicine woman around while collecting medicinal herbs for ceremonies.  She watched while her grandmother worked, and was mesmerized by how harmony and balance was achieved within the human body through the healing powers of our living relatives; the plants and the animals.

At an early age, Lini was mandated to attend boarding School by the Bureau of Indian Affairs – away from the home and people she loved…and her grandmother’s teachings. With her grandmother’s help and guidance, it took her a decade to come to terms with the government’s task in “civilizing” the indigenous children.

Lini is continuing her journey and honoring her grandmother, by facilitating the healing and guidance of the five-fingered (as we humans are called). Lini has been called through messages to resume her childhood roots and passion, in learning from her grandmother.  She receives messages from an array of sources; her friends; family; relatives from “the other side”; spider, fly, and bird relatives.  In addition, a large part of her guidances comes from her dreams.

Lini received a degree in Education at the University of Arizona in Tucson and married thereafter.  She homeschooled their three children, Sion, Niltooli, and Nazhone (two of which have already graduated from university with the youngest in his second year).


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