When we change, we change the world

We are one thought, one mind, universally bound by one giant grid that connects us all on this material plain. What I think, you think, what I feel, you feel.  What affects my conscious thought affects us all. We are connected on a psychic level to this universal mind.  We are all connected, we are all one.

The other evening I was driving down a country road and out of the corner of my eye I saw a small deer begin to run across the road. I instinctively thought there would be another, and sure enough there was.  Both were running mindlessly across without hesitation or concern of me.  Then I thought, they are being chased…and I saw a third.  A male with several points, he saw my headlights and stopped…he wanted to go forward but held back – he did so, hesitantly as he was anxiously seeking his prize.  It was especially dark on this unlit night, on an unlit road; he couldn’t see me inside the car.  Instinctively I waived him on to cross with my arm out-stretched, to let him know that I was allowing him to cross in peace… and waived, all the time he looked at my car…then he looked forward and crossed without giving my car another glance. Was that by chance or did he understand that I would wait? How did he know that he could trust me?  Was he tapped into that universal mind? And although it appears that this entire incident transpired in minutes it happened in less than 30 seconds.

I see this as when one puts their hand in still water, like a lake, and swish it across the top and the waves and ripples are created.  So too, is this grid.  What I do causes the ripple in the grid.  This effects every single thing within this material and ethereal world.  There is no separation between anything here. So I asked myself when I saw this, how do I want to be in this world?  If I am the cause of something, what is it that I want to effect? How do I show up here in conscious thought all the time?  How do I maintain my “self” in the truth that I so long for?

When I look at the current state of affairs, global warming, random violence on defenseless school children, insane obsessions with fire arms, I feel powerless. It is time to act on the knowledge that the only things we can change is ourselves.  Change is an inside job! When we change, we change the world.

My future blogs will be on how one can start their inner work…

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