The Art of Being, an Andean Native American Workshop with Craig Hartel

The Art of Being, an Andean Native American Workshop
With Peruvian Shaman Craig Hartel

January 18th and 19th
Cost $75.00

The Incans were shamanic masters of time, synchronicity and consciousness. In the new paradigm of the new millennium, we will be called on to “be” in our world in a very specific manner as any change or shift in this world comes from the inside of each individual. In this 15-hour workshop, we will be asked to look at ourselves and evaluate who we are, how we want to be perceived and how we want to “be” affecting those around us so that we may live a full and conscious life.

What to expect at this workshop:
The first evening we will learn how to  re-create ourselves.  (Study and take note of the power of our language and that re-creation is recreation; an exercise to recreate yourself.  Then, the next morning, we will have a variety of exercises from different cultures to bring you in touch with who you are, how you perceive and are perceived in this world and to help you BE in this world.  One of the important exercises will be to understand what soul-retrieval is and performing a soul-retrieval journey and in the evening a powerful despacho ceremony to carry you into the rest of 2013!  To learn a little more about the despacho ceremony read:

Photos of the workshop

Craig lecturing on Incan Underworld Meditation

Creating the despacho.

The despacho nearly complete.

Burning of the despacho.


“I received valuable information through the class and also through conversation with the people who attended. The weekend answered many questions I had floating around in my head.”


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