Special Evening of Toning Meditation, Feb. 23

Special Evening of Toning  Meditation, Feb. 23, 7-9:30 PM
With David Chim, Patricia Vivant & Kristin Fischer

Many of us have experienced the wonders of David Chim and his amazing toning!  He is back here in Rochester for this special experiential evening.  David Chim will be taking us on this journey of meditation and toning vibration. You will be taking a journey into the depths of your Being with a guided meditation by David Chim using sound.  These sacred frequencies were handed down to our ancestors as a vehicle for the natural expansion of consciousness.  With your own voice YOU will begin to discover the innate gifts within that are extremely powerful and absolutely unique for your spiritual growth. YOU will feel your true essence ignited within your physical being. YOU will then know a point of reference to return to at any time, allowing you to master and choose this gift.

“Songs from Home – A Toning Meditation”
The Hathors and other multi-dimensional beings work through Patty and Kristin, the crystal bowls, voice, and Tibetan temple bell, to deliver specific energetic frequencies that align with the sound signatures of each person in the group individually and with the group as a whole.

Many people feel they have roots that are not associated with planet Earth. We understand that the meditations bring in tones for each person from the planets and universes they represent here, which allow for healing.  People often comment that they hear a “song from home” during the toning that invokes strong feelings of healing, love and connection.

Their toning meditations typically begin with introductory remarks about sound/toning, any information they have been given about specific energies coming in and tips for enhancing the experience. The meditation takes about 15-20 minutes. When the group re-enters the space, people often have questions or share their subjective experiences.

Patricia Vivant has access to ancient streams of energy which create a space for healing and change.  She has been working the past 20 years in Germany and is now practicing in Burnsville, Minnesota.  Patty participated in Tom Kenyon’s Alchemical Mystery School and journeyed to Tibet, Egypt and Europe with his groups.
Kristin Fischer is a classically trained vocalist, a sound healer and a self-employed speech language pathologist in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kristin has also studied qigong, Reiki and transpersonal hypnotherapy.

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