Sacred Women’s Lodge, Jan. 5 2013

Sacred Women’s Lodge, co-facilitators: Nita Wolf and Mary Laven

April 20th 9:30 AM -3:30 PM

 Wind Over Fire Healing Arts Center
4902 Wood Lane NW
Rochester, MN 55901

A Native American ritual, and gathering of women – participants will have an opportunity to deepen their spirituality and self-actualization through various activities such as the “Medicine Wheel” and “Four Directions,” discussions, and “fun activities!” Yes, it can be sacred and fun all on the same day!

At this Sacred Women’s Lodge we will be honoring the East.  To the East on the Medicine Wheel is found Enlightenment where peace, light and new life rise up every day.  The Color of the of the East is Yellow, and its Medicine Animal is the .

This lodge will focus on the freedom of fear.  It will be an opportunity to “lighten-up” as we honor the gifts of winter. There will be a gathering, name blessing circle, a soul shaman journey meditation to contact your power animal in the underworld and then travel up to the upper world as well as other activities to stay within the theme!

Cost is $30.00 and registration is required with a 50% non-refundable deposit of $15.00 and a dish to share at lunch break. Call Mary to register at 507.281.6649.

What you may want to bring:

Bring your drums, rattles, or any musical instrument you prefer.

A flowing scarf if you would like

About Nita Wolf: Nita started and has continued doing various Sacred Women’s Lodges for more than twelve years in the Twin Cities area. Her education with two different Shamans gave her the training to do the “Medicine Wheel” and “Four Directions” work.  She has led several workshops and classes for men and women on multitude of subjects. She holds a Master’s Degree in Comparative World Religions and is an Ordained Interfaith Minister with Minnesota state credentials.  She is a trained healer in a variety of modalities and provides spiritual counseling services.  She holds certification with the Psychosynthesis Group of MN and is a State Licensed Trainer and Educator and currently works with an E.C.F.E. program.  She is a wife, mother, grandmother, educator, and world citizen!

About Mary Laven: Mary is an intuitive counselor, medical intuitive, medium and psychic. She offers insight to aspects that exist beyond the senses and has an ability to perceive what we are unable to; or often validate our own inner-knowing. She offers clarity to our difficult situations reveals obstacles and connects us to our original self. With a better understanding of ourselves and circumstances, we are better equipped to make adjustments in our life, shift patterns that are no longer serving and move forward beyond the curiosity, grief, confusion, and emotions to a better life.   Mary has had a life-time of mystical experiences that she brings to workshops and events. She has had a long corporate marketing career and holds a B.S. in Foreign Studies and Languages from American University in Washington, DC.

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Wind Over Fire Healing Arts Center
4902 Wood Lane NW
Rochester, MN 55901


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