Private sessions with Nancy Anderson – Palm Reader

Private sessions with Nancy Anderson – Palm Reader
Wednesday, May 14, all day

Nancy will be providing private sessions on Wednesday May 15th at Wind over Fire Healing Arts Center
Sessions are $50.00.
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About Nancy

I started on a self-discovery search in 2005, exploring many different divination tools. I began this journey seeking my intuitive gifts and how to use them. Palmistry grabbed my attention (as I have most likely been doing this for many lifetimes).  The practice of palmistry can be traced back to Aristotle in 384 B.C.E.  I prefer the modern day theories instead of those of Victorian day.  The new age palmistry is a rediscovery of old knowledge that had been repressed due to societal scrutiny.

Palmistry is analyzing a person’s character, personality and destiny. As unique as every person is, their unique story to be told is written on their hands.  I palm read using the scientific method and occasionally I get intuitive impressions while reading a hand. I’m still learning to exercise my intuitive muscle and am having fun on my journey. Through my enthusiasm for this tool, I hope to help as many people as possible to understand their truth and what lies within them through their hands using palmistry.

I am an avid palm reading book collector, new and old, and must have more than 100 books in my library.

An interesting personal note

Nancy had the opportunity to give my husband John a palm reading…in her reading she asked him if he was experiencing any digestive problems? John responded by saying that he NEVER has these problems and for whatever reasons tonight I do!  He became so curious as to how she knew that information…then she said, “that he was going to experience a pretty severe illness in the near future”…well, he was admitted into the hospital shortly after that reading with a severe case of pneumonia…which by the way,  was John’s first EVER experience in a hospital! Good job Nancy!!  We love your work!!

To learn more about palmistry

Nancy will be the guest speaker Tuesday evening May 14th at SEARCH of Rochester.  This talk will highlight the history of palmistry and discuss how your health can affect the lines on the hand and some practical exercises and visual charts of the hands. There will be a question and answer session afterwards. For more information go to:

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