Patty Vivant & Kristin Fischer, Metta Sound, May 5th

Patty Vivant and Kristin Fischer of Metta Sound
May BE Group
Tuesday, May 5th
6:45PM – 9PM
Fee $10.00

Join us for an energetic sound journey on May 5, 2015.  Explore deeper levels of your inner wisdom through transcendent toning meditations and exercises offered by Patty Vivant and Kristin Fischer of Metta Sound.  Their crystal bowls, metal bells and vocal toning deliver sacred codes for navigating the great mystery of your inner cosmos.  The journey within is filled with many opportunities – when we connect to the unique sound signature in our energy fields, we are connecting to our true essence.

About Metta Sound

Patricia Vivant is an energy healer who accesses a variety of ancient energy streams including Egyptian Alchemy and Tibetan Shamanism.  She consciously directs the multi-dimensional aspects of her being to assist others during healing sessions.  Patricia’s work with sound healing has led her to transformational experiences in Egypt, Europe, Tibet, Peru and the US over the past 20 years.   Her current focus is on collaborating with the Hathors to provide toning meditations for personal and collective evolution.

Vocal expression and creativity are innate gifts that have enriched Kristin Fischer’s path.  She is a classically trained vocalist, a voice-over artist, a speech language pathologist and a sound channel.  In toning, Kristin volunteers her voice to channel pure sound that supports deep inner exploration and profound personal expansion.  Kristin’s healing work draws on training in reiki, qigong, interpersonal hypnosis and sound healing.

Patty and Kristin understand the focus of their sound work as a means to enhance personal growth, support global unity and assist in creating the New Earth.  In addition to working with individuals and small groups, Patty and Kristin have presented toning events for larger groups at the Wind Over Fire Healing Arts Center in Rochester, Kathryn Harwig’s Intuitive Forum and the Qigong Connection.

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