Mary Jo Battey on The Hollow Earth Theory, Tues. Mar. 3

Mary Jo Battey on The Hollow Earth Theory

Tuesday, March 3rd
6:45 – 9PM

Fee $10.00
What is the Hollow Earth Theory and what could it mean for us?

The idea suggests the earth is not solid with a round sphere at the center, but is instead hollow and teaming with life and a climate and environment all its own with openings at the poles with other possible entrances found throughout the earth’s surface.  A place of advanced civilizations living in harmony with all of life alongside primitive tribes with woolly mammoths still roaming. I invite you to join me in a discussion of the hollow earth theory, information I have researched,  my personal experiences that I have had that could open up the possibility of there being more truth to this premise rather than  mere fiction and we would end the evening with a shamanic journey….a “journey to the center of the earth”.  There will be opportunity for a sharing time for those who also might have information or theories about it as well or to share your shamanic journeying experience.   Informal, informative and fun!

About Mary Jo Battey

mary-jo-batteyMary Jo Battey graduated from the Boulder School of Massage Therapy in 1983. She operates a private practice and also teaches massage in Rochester, MN.  She has trained in many body-centered modalities such as over the last 30 years such as Myofascial Release  (John Barnes) and Craniosacral therapy (Upledger Institute)  Other trainings include Thai massage (trained in Thailand-Mama Nit and Mama Lek Chai, then again with Gabriel Azoulay through Wind over Fire), Foot Reflexology (Touch Point Institute and Boulder Chool of Massage Therapy), Pregnancy (Sr. Rosalin’s) and Infant massage (Diane Wamsley),  Lomo, Lomi (trained in Hawaii with Tom Cochran and Donna Jason), in addition to other modalities.

Mary Jo is a mesa carrier (Pampamasayok-caretaker of the earth training by Jaes Seis and Quero indians of Peru) and a keeper of a crystal skull.  She has studied and pursued many spiritual disciplines that have carried her to many places around the world and brought her in contact with many spiritual teachers.  Her new passion of study is the research on the Hollow Earth and exploring its many mysteries.

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