Karl Schlotterbeck – Living Your Past Lives, The Be Group, August 6

Living Your Past Lives Be Group presentation
with psychologist Karl Schlotterbeck

August 6, 6:45 PM – 9PM
Fee: $10.00

 Join psychologist and author Karl Schlotterbeck for a seminar discussing his 32 year’s work in de-hypnotic past-life therapy. Come to discover where you are living out your karma in everyday life, what created the karma, what holds it in place, where it lives inside of you, and the one thing it asks of us. This is a functional definition of karma that is beyond reward and punishment that ever seeks to foster identity, consciousness and presence. The role of prenatal conditioning will also be discussed, along with the “karmic network” that we build around us.

About Karl:

Karl Schlotterbeck, MA, CAS, LP is a licensed psychologist who has spent more than five decades in explorations of the human psyche that have included the depth psychology of C.G. Jung, parapsychology, biofeedback, hypnosis, along with teachings from Shamans (core, Celtic and Mongolian), Sufis, Swamis, Celtic Spirituality, Rosicrucians and Native American spiritual teachers. He is the author of Living Your Past Lives: The Psychologist of Past-Life Regression, (1987 & 2003), The Karma In Your Relationships (2003), and co-author of Lion of Satan, Lion of God (1993). His next book – The End of Karma – is nearing completion. Meanwhile, he has provided psychological services in school systems in MD and MN for the last 40 years.

The End of Karma Workshop

Sunday, August 11th, 2013
12:00 to 6:00PM

In this six-hour workshop, we will expand on the ideas presented in Living Your Past Lives and how to apply them. Special emphasis is given to how experience creates either karma or growth, the evolution of the concept of karma from reward-and-punishment through its stages to that of consciousness, and to the Karmic Network. Throughout the day, participants will work through the process as a group in a way parallel to individual sessions. Thus, we will

  1. Review some of the basic-but-crucial ideas from the introductory presentation from the BE Group
  2. Identify the patterns in their lives that are the visible face of their karma
  3. Engage in a group regression through guided imagery to find the story under the pattern
  4. Identify the unfinished business from that time
  5. Identify the Karmic Network in present life that has supported the  karmic patterns and kept them in place, including past-life vows, false ideas, thought forms, habits and current relationships
  6. Engage in a Ritual of Release to cut the cords of attachment to the vows, ideas, patterns and relationships that no longer serve us

Wear comfortable clothes and bring a small object to throw away during the Ritual of Release.

Preregistration is important. Participants will leave with a packet of worksheets detailing their work of the day, an expanded view of karma and the first steps toward becoming more present in their lives.

Free to Participants You will also receive a copy of Lion of Satan, Lion of God, a true account of a haunted family, how their beliefs shaped their experience and what their past-life regressions revealed – even though they did not believe in reincarnation.

Karl’s other books and meditation CDs will be available for purchase.

Private Sessions with Karl

Wednesday- Friday – August 7-9th
Initial session is 2 hours – $150.00
If you wish an additional session, it is $80.00

What to expect in an individual session

In an individual session, we (the client and the practitioner) focus on the pattern most active in the client’s life at the time. Rather than inducing a trance, we focus on the pattern, the feelings it evokes and then use association to work into the images and story in an experiential manner.  We use the already-existing trance that is part of the pattern to enter into the story for the purpose of removing the trance, re-integrating the fragmented self and becoming present to whom and what we more truly are.

Sometimes the content of sessions goes not into past lives, but into prenatal or childhood events that are still active in the individual’s consciousness. When that happens, we treat them just like any other memory so as to attempt to complete what is unfinished.

Sessions take approximately two hours and the experiential part of the session is recorded so that it can be reviewed later.


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