Judy & Peter Dix, The Be Group Apr. 2

Judy and Peter Dix and their new book:
Contact: The Awakening

Tuesday April 2, 2013

About Judy and Peter Dix:
It’s been an astonishing time for Judy, a retired elementary school teacher, and Peter, a retired wildlife biologist, whose curiosity about metaphysics led them to where they are today, presenting information received from a higher plane. Judy started channeling in March 2002, and Peter has been taping and transcribing the messages from the beginning. When Judy receives the messages, she is wrapped in a feeling of love and wishes to inspire others to learn more about and share in this enlightenment.

Writing a book is not something that Judy and Peter Dix ever had thought that they would do. Having received more than 1,000 channels on tape over a ten-year period, however, they were compelled to. The book started coming together in 2006 and has gone through many revisions and condensations as messages have continued, both guiding Judy and Peter in their lives and in the book’s assembly. Their current book, Contact: Interstellar Dialogues (BookSurge, 2008), compiles a selection of their channeling sessions with a variety of spiritual leaders, from Native American holy men to Jesus (Yeshua) and the Essenes; members of star worlds, such as those of the Pleiades; and fairies such as Shamus and his band of Little People. And now after a year of working on their second book which compiles a selection of their latest channeling sessions, Contact: The Awakening is finally published!

The “Unseen Ones,” as the Dixes call them, want Judy and Peter to disseminate universal Truths to a mass audience: that all beings in this vast universe are interconnected; that all people, animals, spirits, and even elements of nature such as crystals can be communicated with and should be respected; and that the world is full of peace and unconditional love, which on this planet has been skewed for eons by dark forces of fear and manipulation. Learning about this interconnectedness to nature and the universe is intended to help people evolve to a higher state of consciousness, where they may ascend to a higher level or dimension of being. Judy and Peter also have audience with the Unseen Ones in question-and-answer sessions that cover topics from crop circles to global warming and from the existence of Atlantis to the makeup of the life force. The responses are presented word for word from the channeling sessions’ transcriptions.

Judy and Peter are also Reiki masters and versed on Native American spirituality as well as dowsing and healing with crystals.

Judy will be providing a channeled message to the Group this evening and will open her channel with a mantra and chant that fills the room with light, connects us to higher dimensions and joins its participants in love and oneness…



Transcript of Judy’s channel
April 2, 2013

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai, Tsebayoth

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai, Tsebayoth

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai, Tsebayoth

I am Yeshua ben Joseph. You know me by the name of Jesus. Ultimately I am known as Lord Sananda.

I come to you tonight because I want you to consider Love. Love is all there is. Love is what brings us all together. Love is what allows us to evolve. Love connects us. Love allows us to understand one another. Love brings acceptance of all living things, from the tiniest microbe to the elephant. We are all created in Love.

Make Love your common denominator. When you arise in the morning. greet the day with Love. When we look at ourselves in the mirror say, I love you. When we encounter others throughout the day silently say, I hold Love in my heart for you and though we have differences, I dismiss them now and offer you Love.

Evolution cannot continue without Love. It is Love that prevents those who wish to control, dominate and manipulate from succeeding. When we love our oppressor we take their power away. Power was never meant to be forced upon any living being.

When I came to planet Earth my purpose was to demonstrate Love. I reached out to the inhabitants of Earth with my words. I told them simple things. Love one another. Share with one another. Forgive one another. Although my words were heard and understood, in reality, it was my actions, my example, that demonstrated true Love.

The world has deviated greatly from what I demonstrated. It is sad, but it is reversible. I offer you the opportunity to extend your Love to others. This needn’t be an overt awareness, only subtle. In other words, think your loving thoughts and know that they are reaching the target that you intend. As you make your intentions to send your Love, consider sending your Love beyond those that you see, beyond your community, beyond your state, beyond your country. Send Love by means of intention to all parts of your world.

Mother Earth has ascended into the next dimension, yet many of her inhabitants have not. Love is the way to evolvement. Love is the way to upliftment. And so I charge you with this responsibility. Look up into the night sky and say to the stars, I love you unconditionally. Then look at all the trees and vegetation that surrounds you and say, I love you unconditionally. Continue this action with the birds and the animals and eventually the human inhabitants of planet Earth.

You see, Earth humans, as you all are, have been controlled and dominated for so long they do not know the simple truths that allow one to grow and evolve. Your eyes must be opened in order to see the dominions of control of this world. Love must be the common denominator in order for change to occur.

I, Yeshua ben Joseph, am the Way, the Truth and the Life. Seek me out in your hour of sorrow and troubles. I will send you Love. My Love for you is boundless. In turn, you will send Love from your heart to all living things. Ultimately this world will become a planet of Love. When it does there will be a grand evolvement. You will see your ability to love is far grander than you ever expected. Eventually your Love for all living things will lead you to special gifts. You must have Love to communicate telepathically. You must have Love to teleport oneself, even through walls. You must have Love to understand advanced science.

All living things have a Love quotient. In this world there are many whose Love quotient is not high enough to understand what I am saying now. But you, you in this audience now, can understand. I can see and feel the Love quotient of each and every one of your. It is as if one were looking at a thermometer. The Love that you have in your heart and the Love that you give and send to others makes up your Love quotient. Those who control are only this high. Those who are learning to love are this high. Those who love and send it out to the world unconditionally are the highest. Those with the highest Love quotients are the ones who not only demonstrate but set an example of how one must lead one’s life. Those are the ones who guide others to evolvement. Those are you.

As I listen to the birds that are presently outside, I know that the geese in flight understand all the things that I have told you. They know these things because the natural worlds know Love more than the human inhabitants of Earth. If you watch a bird family or a deer family there is Love, cooperation, acceptance. These strong bonds of Love have allowed these species to persist in harmony for so long.

Love without end. Live your lives with Love without end. Love always, never stop. When you choose Love, I am with you. When you speak words of Love, I am with you. When you offer sustenance to the hungry in any way, I am with you. All you need do is say my name and I will walk with you.

Peace be with you.


Another awaits.

Good Evening, Good evening. Good evening. I am El Morya. I am El Morya. You may know me as one of the Wise Men. Yes, I have known Yeshua for a long, long time, as have Peter and Judy. We were all present during the life of Yeshua on Planet Earth. We saw the events that occurred during his life.

It is now that we say to you. You are the standard bearers. You are the soldiers. You are the ones who will go out and whisper in the ears of those who do not understand. But you say to me, do you expect me to stand on a street corner and shout out these words? And my answer is, no. What you do is very subtle. It is a matter of sending Love mentally and emotionally, with your voice or without. That is all that will be asked of you.

You are soldiers of Light, as am I and Judy and Peter and all of you in this room. Yes, we have made progress, but there has been a slowing. Yet I know in the hearts and minds of all of you here that there can again be a groundswell of Love. It happens in small groups who spread their word to other groups, who also spread to other groups, who share and cooperate. This is how Love spreads. The forces of the dark are continuing to fall. They cannot fight against Love.

So my lesson for you today is a very simple one. Know Love. Know what it feels like to give Love. Know what it feels like to receive Love. That’s all you need to know. When Planet Earth and her inhabitants does this all at once, in an instant the entire planet will be transformed. Into a beautiful planet of Love.

My words are offered in Love.

Peace be with you.



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