Gabriel Azoulay – Yin Yoga Classes

October 3,4,10 and 11th
Gabriel Azoulay – Yin Yoga Classes
Breathe Yoga Studios
$100.00 for all four classes or $30.00 each.

Practice: Yin yoga targets connective tissue, specifically ligaments and tendons in the joints and spine. Over time, practice of yin yoga can lengthen these tissues, increasing range of motion. To give an idea of the role that connective tissue plays in determining range of motion: muscles account for about forty percent of the resistance against the body’s flexibility, while connective tissue accounts for about fifty percent. The intensity and physical benefits of the practice depend on two variables: duration of the asana, and the temperature of the muscle.

Duration of Asana: In order to lengthen the connective tissue, the practitioner holds an asana, engaging in static stretching. This applies stress, in the form of tension to the muscle and connective tissue in the targeted region. The muscle, more elastic than the connective tissue, responds immediately, lengthening to its limit. When the muscle is fully stretched, the stress reaches the connective tissue, which is not elastic and does not immediately lengthen. In order to affect the connective tissue, stress must be applied for several minutes at a time. In yin yoga, asanas are usually held for three to five minutes, but can be held for as long as twenty minutes. Because of the long duration of asanas, one of the key values cultivated in the practice of yin yoga is patience.

Gabriel Azoulay explains the duration of asana in yin yoga.

Temperature of Muscle: If the muscles are cold, they will be less elastic, and more stress will be transferred to the connective tissue. For this reason, it is recommended that yin yoga be practiced earlier in the day, before physical activity that warms the muscles and increases their elasticity. However, some note that practicing yin yoga after a strenuous day is psychologically soothing.

Yin Asanas: Yin asanas are almost entirely passive and do not usually include what would usually be classified as standing asanas or balance poses. During the asana, muscles are relaxed to avoid tetany or muscle spasming, which will result from engaging muscles for long periods of time. There are only about thirty-five asanas that are taught by most yin yoga teachers, though this number will vary from source to source, and most poses have one or more variations. (source: Wikepedia) For more information on Gabriel’s Yin Yoga:

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