Sweat Lodge with Jesse Fearing and Dennis King, Mar 2.

Special Event Native American Sweat Lodge with Jesse Fearing and Dennis King, Mar 2.

Wind over Fire Healing Arts Center has organized a Native American traditional sweat lodge in Northfield, Minnesota on Saturday, March 2.rd. The event is FREE and will from 12:30PM – 7PM approximately. Bring a dish to share after the sweat lodge.

The Lodge will be led by Jesse Fearing who is a Native American sun dancer and sweat lodge leader.  He has been taught in the Native American traditions by Mary Elizabeth Thunder at the Thunder Ranch in West Point, Texas where he studied for more than 20 years traveling with her around the world. Special guest, Dennis J. King, Spiritual Healer, Bear Clan, Oneida Nation of Wisconsin will also participate.

The fire will be lit for 3 hours before we go into the lodge.  There is a house that we can go into to warm up if and when needed. We will start building fire by 12:30pm. The fire will be lit by 1:30. We will go into lodge around 4:30pm0 for an hour and a half.  After the sweat, there will be a gathering in the house and a meal shared.  This will be at approximately 6:00-7:00PM (prepare, eat, and clean up time).

What should I wear and/or bring?

  • Women should wear loose fitting NATURAL fiber (cotton preferably) dress or pants.
  • Men should wear shorts
  • Bring a beach towel (or 2)
  • Bring a change of clothing (clothing changes from before the sweat set up/fire, then the sweat, then afterward what you may want to wear)
  • Bring water to drink after the sweat (no water can be taken into the lodge)
  • Bring Spirit tobacco as a gesture of goodwill and honoring the lodge leader
  • Bring food to share

Please note:

This is a sacred event and is steeped in tradition.  You are expected to be respectful of the ritual.

It is suggested that you drink plenty of water the day before and the day of the sweat.

Women that are on their moon cannot go into the lodge and will not be able to sweat. However they can participate in the daylong event and dinner. This holds true for anyone who wishes to take part in the ceremony but not sweat.  There is a place for you to participate and learn and observe for the next time.

Donations to the lodge leader and the home where the event will take place are accepted and recommended.

Although this is a free event you must call to register as space will be limited and there will be other folks that traditionally do these sweats with Jesse.

Things to remember for lodge day:

(This is simply a friendly reminder of things to think about as we move our energy and pray from beginning to end.)

  1. Bring an offering for lodge pourer and rock runners  (tobacco, etc)
  2. Stay busy to move energy during lodge prep (If you don’t have anything to do, ask.)
  3. The final part of the ceremony is the clean-up. Make sure you do your part to help clean up outside at the lodge area, as well as inside the house: (if you can’t find something to do, ask.)
    a.       Dishes washed, dried, and put awayb.      Food put awayc.       Table and chairs put awayd.      Hose turned offe.      Prayer tie box put back into trailer
  4. And make sure you have everything you brought with you when you leave, especially the water bottles. There is a green trash bin and a blue/yellow recycle bin next to the garage.
    Feel free to use those as needed.
  5.  AND: Don’t forget to offer a thank-you before you leave. There is a donation box set out if that is in alignment with your thank-you offering. But don’t feel limited to that, thank-you’s can come in many forms (be creative if donations aren’t your thing).

Our lodge gatherings have been terrific and joyous these past months/years, the above is not to say we haven’t been doing this, it’s all just a reminder to hold with us as we walk through these ceremonies.

Thanks all and God bless
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin


”Mary, I want to thank you for the wonderful opportunity you presented me on this Sweat Lodge event. I was very in tuned to the whole affair. I cried several times, with and for someone else. I felt very welcomed by all involved and even connected. That came upon me this am. It is still with me today at work. I felt connected to all these people, awesome!! ”


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