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Mas Sajady – Quantum Healer, Sept. 4

September 4, 2013

$20 – $70

Mas Sajady – Quantum Healer
Group Healing & Private Sessions
Wed. September 4, 2013

Session Price

Normal fees for Mas are $80.00 for 15 minutes.
Wind Over Fire clients and the BE Group will be charged $70.00 for 20 minutes.


Some of the benefits you will experience

  • A vibrant and healthier you
  • Resolve persistent health Issues
  • Heighten relationships
  • Energize Core Self Image for rapid achievement
  • Remove self-defeating patterns
  • Unlock Intuition
  • Navigate your best destiny and connect to your higher-self
  • Instill ingredients for Life Success
  • Instill the image of wealth & remove financial blocks

Mas will guide you to connecting to the Pure Source and your highest self. This process works to automatically bring abundance into all areas of your life, which is an inherent right for all of us.

Mas will integrate the healing frequencies of the Pure Source and your own spirit to focus in on root causes of why your life is not going the way it should and “Reprogram” or expand abundance in successful areas of your life so that they flourish. Many individuals have had rapid results in reprogramming, redesigning and re-energizing their lives.

Ask your own personal questions about spirituality, God and connections to other realms where healing and all-encompassing abundance occurs without effort. Mas will answer your most burning questions with clarity and instill within you a deep understanding of the meaning you were searching for. You will understand the answer from an intellectual perspective and realize it at a deeper heart level.

About Mas

I’ve always been gifted intuitively. But like many I tried to hide it or ignore it so I could “fit” in. If you have kids that are gifted please support their talents and tell them it is OK. For me it took two near death experiences to awaken me.
My first near death experience was in my early twenties during college. Aside from the crushed jaw and torqued neck it was the best experience I ever had. The beauty, peace and love that was present can never compare to anything we have on earth at the physical level. I was able to sense future events and internal issues of others.
As life got busy with family and starting my own successful web development company I again pushed the intuitive side away. Although I did meditate and keep connected at a personal level to help me raise my kids and expand my business.
My second near death experience occurred in 2006, the second best life experience I ever had. This experience opened me up to reaching higher levels of awareness where miracles can and do happen. I was gifted with the ability to heal people. It took me months after the incident to stumble across this gift but when I did it was with amazing results. Headaches, backaches and other physical ailments seemed to disappear within minutes after working on people. I didn’t know where the power came from or how it worked. All I knew is that it helped a multitude of individuals. I started doing research on this phenomenon and learned about other peoples near death experiences. The closest similarities to my gift are in the field of quantum physics. I’ve taken a few healing classes not to learn the techniques, but to validate what I was already practicing, what already came naturally to me.
The most important lessons come to me through meditations. My meditations after my near death experiences were much different. They became so vivid, as if in a dream but I am wide awake and aware of my surroundings. At times I transcend my physical body and from these meditations I have gained knowledge on a multitude of subjects including spiritual and earthly matters. Most importantly my abilities have been getting much stronger since my first healing attempts and the amount of time for healing sessions has been condensed.
I started Transparent Self Image in November of 2009. Within less than a year I’ve worked on more than a thousand individuals. Most of these have been referrals. Whether it’s in the areas of health, finances, relationships or spirituality I can most likely help attract a better outcome for your life.


Read what people are saying about Mas Sajady’s healing abilities in Testimonials.

Awaken your internal “GPS” to automatically and effortlessly be guided towards a fulfilling life that you truly enjoy with Mas Sajady’s Becoming Limitless Program.


Call 507-281-6649
Email – mary@windoverfire.com

Wind Over Fire Healing Arts Center
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Wind over Fire Healing Arts Center


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