Luzclara Camus, Chilean Medicine Woman, Sept. 9-11

Luzclara – Speaking on her work and travels.
The 2nd BE Group of September
Tuesday, September 9th  6:45-9:00PM  $10

About Luzclara:

luz3Luzclara is a Chilean Medicine Woman and sound healer who dedicates her life to the healing of Mother Earth and all her beings.  She draws from over 30 years of experience with many indigenous spiritual traditions including the Mapuche of southern Chile, the Quichua shamans of the Amazon, the Qero of Peru, and the mystics from India and Tibet. For more than 25 years she has been uniting traditions of the Americas and leading ceremonies and workshops in both hemispheres.

As a young woman, Luzclara left her country after the violent takeover of the military dictatorship in Chile. She came to North America where she lived for nine years, first doing much political work for her country, and then after a painful illness, she realized she wasn’t “walking her talk”, but instead, living a big contradiction; fighting for peace.  Since then, she redirected her life to the healing of herself, and others.

In her exile, she learned valuable spiritual lessons from many teachers and took them back to Chile for the healing of her people, based on the “Matchitun”, the healing tradition of the Mapuche shamans of Chile, Luzclara has developed the “Healing Circle”, a ceremonial sacred space where, with a unified intention everybody comes together from the heart, and connects with the shaman within. Using drums, rattles, dances, chants, and different healing instruments from many cultures, we pray for the healing of all.

As individuals, we will strengthen and deepen our connection to the Earth Mother… reawakening the Sacred Feminine from where all healing and love flows… and rediscovering the Machi, the healer in all of us.

Private Sessions

Luzclara’s work is both powerful and magical at the same time. She evokes Spirit in a private session unlike any healer using rattles and drums!  Because her sessions are very exhausting for her, she will be providing only a few during her stay… so act quickly if you are interested.  Sessions are available during daytime hours only Wednesday and Thursday, September 10 and 11 – Approximately an hour long – $110.

Healing Circle and Workshop

These event s are what Luzclara is famous for so you won’t want to miss either one!!

Women’s Circle
Healing circle – Luzclara will lead us in the healing ceremony of the Mapuche, known as Machitune. Ancient people have always known the profound effect that sound has on the body, mind and spirit.  These sacred sounds evoke an ancient remembering; they connect us with the roots of our vital life force and are powerful tools for restoring harmony within us. Using sacred instruments of healing, we will awaken ourselves, our communities, and Mother Earth. This is a traditional ceremony so please wear your regalia, dress or scarf around your hips and head, bring your drums, rattles, etc.
Wednesday, September 10th at 6:30-9Pm $50 (Sliding scale) and 1 scholarship available.

Matrimonio Interiore  – Interior Matrimony or Marriage of the Self
In this workshop we will discover our erotic potential, return to lost ancient temples , reevaluate to feel our body in a very different way and to connect with the energy of the Heart. We will review the concept of archetypes and sacred sexuality and connect with our Goddess and God to balance our masculine and feminine sides (balance our yin and yang).
Thursday, September 11th 6:30-9PM $50 (Sliding scale) and 1 scholarship available.

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