Kimala Kai: Demystifying the Ancient Practice of Love, June 25

Tantra: Understanding and Demystifying
the Ancient Practice of Love
with Kimala Kai

at Breathe Yoga Studios
June 25th 6-8PM, $45

This class works with the energy of creation. The Sanskrit word Tantra means “to weave together and to expand.”

Our individual essence lives within the body and soul. It is the truth of who we are. By claiming self from the soul level before expanding outward, we connect into the bigger truth: we are ONE with all that is.

Love is the unifying thread that weaves this all together.
Creating with love is an invitation open to all. Tantra teaches through experiences of breath, sound and movement, how to discover for yourself and choose what fits the frequencies of your soul. When listening to and allowing the impulse of your individuated soul to move you out into the world:

  • You cannot make a mistake
  • You cannot do anything wrong
  • You cannot fail EVER!

With no inner conflict, there is no struggle. Feel the ease of being one with the flow of life.

Creating from this inner reference weaves together your deep peace, authentic power and pure joy. As you naturally express this inner self out to the world, you get to be the BIG loving presence you came here to be.

In this workshop, we will consciously create an experience of love that will weave us together, ripple out to all of humanity and grow into an ending that will certainly engage and delight everyone. The evening will include guided meditation, heart opening exercises, voicing one’s truth, music, merry making and dancing yourself free.

About Kimala Kai – Is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Tantra Teacher, Addiction Counselor, 25-year Massage Therapist and Body Worker, Dancer, Ordained Minister.

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