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Aromatherapy~Flower Essence Healing Journey Sessions
Greater Wellness through Balancing the Chakras

A Description  by Isadora Tavens

A past president of the American Herbalists Guild, Steven H. Horne, once stated he had met people who had no physical health problems but everyone he met had at least one unresolved emotional issue. He originated this gentle method as a way to symbolically access and resolve those concerns. I myself have benefited greatly by being a recipient of a series of Aromatherapy~Flower Essence Healing Journeys. They inspired me to learn how to support others through this profound and deeply transformational experience. It’s definitely among the top 5 things I love to do on earth.

If we want a more peaceful world we start by working on own healing and being of service to others. For our own healing, an Aromatherapy~Flower Essence Journey is a positive first step or for those on a path to wholeness- a leap forward.

isadora-table-readingThis healing experience begins with a brief non-touch assessment of your chakra energy centers as you recline comfortably, fully clothed. The seven chakras of the body are traditional energetic focus points correlating to physical and emotional wellness. Ever in flux, an Aromatherapy~Flower Essence Healing Journey balances and optimizes the flow of chakra energy.

Next, an aromatherapy oil is selected and a drop applied beneath your ears. With gentle words as simple as, “You are walking down a path in nature…” your journey, which is as unique as your life experience, commences. Symbolically, feelings associated with people, places and events come to awareness and are gently processed. During the journey, as feelings come to awareness, flower essences are used externally to promote insight, clarity and resolution. Renewed connection to uplifting, enveloping, comforting Light concludes each journey and is followed by a quiet period of restfulness.

One unique aspect of the Aromatherapy~Flower Essence Journey: there isn’t a set dialogue. Isadora is present to ground the energy and offer gentle words of support and guidance which is adapted to your inner journey. Your experience and the flower essences combine to support new levels of healing.

The old burdens released during the Aromatherapy~Flower Essence Healing Journey result in decreased pain, increased inner peace, feelings of greater confidence, lightness and joy. Everyone can benefit from this experience.

Whether for one session or a series over time, you are certain to find this journey memorable and transformative. Sessions are appropriate for ages 8 and up.

To extend the healing experience a custom flower essence blend
is highly recommended. (See below.)

One hour $115.00

Flower Essence Consultation
One of the Fastest Growing Healing Methods Worldwide

Flower Essences are unscented vibrational remedies that are wonderfully effective in promoting inner harmony and balance. Traditional cultures have long used flowers for healing. In modern times flower essences were developed into a universally accessible method by Dr. Edward Bach during the 1930s.

Dr. Bach was an British medical doctor, homeopathic physician and gifted intuitive healer. Unlike many of his era, he realized that physical substances, such as medicines, support the physical body yet are unable to address the deeper causes of physical and emotional imbalances. He stated:

“Disease is, in essence, the result of conflict between soul and mind, and will never be eradicated except by spiritual and mental effort.”

Flower Essences gently help resolve this inner conflict. By bringing awareness, they help transform self-limiting beliefs and unresolved feelings supporting the achievement of our fullest potential. In my professional work, within my circle of friends and in my own life, I have seen the profound and undreamed of transformations which are possible with the right flower essences.

Explore which essences are appropriate for your needs in a Flower Essence Consultation.
Clear guidance and resources for essences are included. You are welcome to bring clear photographs, 2-4 per individual, of those close to you for flower essence recommendations. It is fine if there are other people in the photos.

No matter what your stressors, the life challenges you face or the healing you need, allow this inexpensive and elegant healing gift of the flowers to transform your life and assist you in achieving your goals- or clarifying them!

Flower Essence Consultation    
1 hour    $115.00


More About Flower Essences

Custom blends drawing from the 200+ Flower Essence offerings of the English Healing Herbs™ (Isadora’s preferred alternative to the trademarked Bach™ brand), Flower Essence Services Quintessentials™ and Range of Light™, Australian Bush Flower Essences™, Perelandra™ and other kits are available. These custom formulations are taken a few drops at a time under the tongue, placed on the wrists, added to a beverage or bath or added to a misting bottle.

Flower Essence blends or individual essences are typically taken for 3-4 weeks with a short break before repeating them or working with other essences. They can be taken for a shorter period to address immediate concerns, such as feeling temporarily overwhelmed by a move or wanting to stay calm while undergoing tests- medical or educational.
Per Custom blend:  1 oz. US $15   2 oz. US  $30

Popular Flower Essences

• Elm~ helps when temporarily overwhelmed by responsibilities
• Dandelion~ releases tension held in the muscles
• Borage~ cheerful courage to face challenges
• Mariposa Lily~ relationship with one’s mother or mothering
• Gentian~ discouragement after setbacks, faith to continue
• Buttercup~ positive self esteem
• Bleeding Heart~ to love in freedom, balms the heart when love has been lost
• Pink Monkeyflower~ fear of relationships due to previous hurtful experiences
•  Wild Oat~ assists in make life and career decisions
•  Bottlebrush~ to get ‘unstuck’
• Five Flower Formula™/Rescue Remedy™~ to ‘regroup’ and overcome anxiety, physical or emotional shocks; grounded and centered during stress or trauma

“While taking the two flower essence blends Isadora prepared, I felt calmer, stronger and more conscious.  My dreams were enhanced. Most of all, I felt more self-assured in my relationships and able to feel happy for the joys of others.”
Andrea Kulling
Art Teacher
Zurich, Switzerland

“I am feeling more able to cope, stronger and clearer. The remedies have touched my heart and opened me up to believing in life and abundance again! I am so grateful. Bless you!”
Lisa Crane
Gateshead, UK

“I reached out to Isadora when I went through a difficult time after the sudden unexpected end of a relationship. With her support, I was able to hold my head up. The flower essences kept me grounded and focused on the positive. They helped me to realize who I am at my core and got me back to the good I am and focused on moving forward.”
Danielle DiBianco
Chicago, Illinois


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