Isadora Tavens – How to Enjoy Living with Yourself After 40, 50 and More, Sept. 4

Isadora Tavens – Workshop
How to Enjoy Living with Yourself After 40, 50 and More

Flower Essences and Consciousness for a Joyful Journey
Thursday, September 4


“Forty is the old age of youth;
fifty is the youth of old age.”
Victor Hugo
French Poet, Author and Playwright

Over 40? Yay! Life really does begin at 40. Join us as we learn how to heal with a bountiful harvest of flower essences to help release the baggage of the past, balance the challenges of the present and create a positive path for the years ahead.

Flower Essences are the unscented gift of the flowers. We have all seen the beauty of the flowers which surround us and experienced their wonderful scents.  There is another gift, a gift of profound healing, which lays hidden in nature’s tender blossoms. By floating flowers at the peak of their bloom on water in bright sunlight, gentle preparations known as flower essences are created. This “mother essence” is then sold in prepared bottles available in stores. Flower essences may be used directly from a stock bottle or further extended in a final dilution in a dosage bottle.

This contemporary method of creating remedies which embody the life force of flowers was developed in Great Britain by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. Dr. Bach was a well respected medical doctor and homeopath with an intuitive healing gift. His insight was to restore wellness by addressing and resolving the deeper causes of illness and emotional imbalance. His quest in search a method led him to create flower essences.

Healing with flower energy has a long tradition in indigenous cultures worldwide. Even today sun-infused flower baths are given by traditional healers to re-balance the emotions. The beauty of contemporary flower essences is that these little eye-dropper bottles make the world’s healing flora available to us even in the depths of a Minnesota winter.

Convenient and inexpensive, flower essences are most importantly quite effective in addressing unresolved feelings and self-limiting behaviors in adults, children and animals companions (a.k.a. pets). They may be used internally or externally and do not interfere in any way with other healing modalities or prescriptions.

In this presentation we’ll discover ways to address family and work issues, vision anew the next stage of life and explore how to spark vitality and verve. Other topics include flower essences to help with:

  • Strengthening Relationships
  • Opening to Love Again
  • Better Communication
  • Overcoming the Blues and
  •  ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’
  • Ways to Maintain a Positive Outlook
  • On Personal and World Events.

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Practical Emotional Self~Care Ideas!

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